Man says he feels 'worse than a vampire' for threats to kids' mom

January 11, 2017
in Kids

A Howell man who said he felt “worse than a vampire stalking prey” was sentenced Thursday to prison for stalking and threatening the mother of his children. Brad Horace Bean said he and the childrens' mother have two beautiful children together and they had a good relationship for about six years. He said alcohol and “back and forth” between the woman and her family as they fought over the children led him to frustration and anger. “I said some things in text messages that I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry for that,” he said. “It seems like only my text messages are being shown. … I never beat my kids. I never had physical violence toward the mother of my kids. … “I don’t understand how I can be portrayed like that, making me feel worser [sic] than a vampire stalking prey at night time, looking for blood, and that’s not me,” Bean added. Related: Livingston County Circuit Judge Michael P. Hatty, however, appeared to...

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