Managing A House With Kids

February 1, 2017
in Kids

Are you managing a house with kids? Or are you wondering how to keep up with the house while raising a family? We get that question A LOT. It can seem almost impossible to keep a clean home while you have young children at home. It may seem like a far-off dream to have an organized home, whether you are home or working outside of the home. Between the laundry, meals, homework, sports, playdates and general cleaning… well, it really doesn’t leave a lot of time. So what can you do to make it happen in your home? How can you keep up with the house while raising a family? Here are some suggestions to get you started… (1) Start meal planning for a week at a time, purchase the groceries ahead of time so you are all prepared and post the schedule in your home. (2) Use a couple hours on the weekend to prepare some freezer meals for the week ahead. We love to order our groceries online (to Harris Teeter or Walmart) and then prep them all on Sunday afternoon. (3) Divide up the basic daily chores between you and your husband. Then on the weekends take two hours to...

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