Melissa Joan Hart,Gary Johnson

Melissa Joan Hart Says It's Important to Talk to Your Kids About the Election

November 3, 2016
in Kids

For a woman who grew up uninterested in politics, this presidential election means a lot to Melissa Joan Hart. If you take a quick peek on her Twitter feed, you'll see who she's campaigning for: Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. Along with agreeing with his platform, Hart feels that the two-party system in America should be dismantled before 2020. "They are the power in the country and they’re running the show," she told ABC News of the Democrats and the Republicans. "These candidates are almost like puppets to the parties ... so I’d love to see that broken up." "If you look at the Republican Party right now, it should be two parties. And I’d love to see the Democrats split into two parties as well and then have...

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