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Middle School Teacher Justified Making Black Kids Play Slaves With Image From ROOTS, Mom Says

January 28, 2017
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A history teacher at a taxpayer-funded middle school in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley was placed on administrative leave earlier this week because, students say, she singled out black and mixed race kids in her class to play slaves during a skit. Meanwhile, only white kids played the roles of aristocrats. The teacher then allegedly responded to criticism by showing the same students a photo from the miniseries “Roots” to justify her theatrical choices. The skit incident occurred last week at Shelburne Middle School in the small Virginia town of Staunton, reports local ABC affiliate WHSV. The teacher is Susan Story, according to The News Leader, the local newspaper in Staunton. Story was teaching about a rebellion by Haitian slaves around the time of the Louisiana Purchase. “The teacher asked all of the African-American students to come to the front of the classroom,” Tamika Derozen, the parent of a sixth-grade boy in one of Story’s classes, told WHSV. Story instructed the students to pretend like they were picking for cotton and digging for coal, according to Derozen. The teacher also asked a few white students to come to the front of the classroom to play slave owners and aristocrats. Other parents have stepped forward to say their children gave similar accounts of what happened in Story’s class. “My daughter is in this class and she came home very upset the day this happened and talked to me about it,” Tania Marie Martin told The News Leader. “She said that the kids were asked if they were black or mixed with any black to stand up and be...

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