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Milford program pairs church ministry, community donors to feed kids

January 2, 2017
in Kids

United Way of Milford is one of many community organizations rallying around the Food 2 Kids ministry. Here, United Way Executive Director Gary Johnson, center, makes a donation to the program. MILFORD >> First United Church of Christ has undertaken a ministry that’s close to home and hearts: sending food home for the weekend to students who may otherwise go hungry without the free or reduced lunch provided in school. The church’s Food 2 Kids program serves a relatively small number of children, estimating the number will reach about 180. “But if you’re that kid whose hungry, it’s a big deal to you,” said UCC associate pastor, the Rev. Ashley Grant. “We’re really talking about food insecurity,” Grant said. Advertisement Grant got the idea for such a program from her mother, a retired teacher, who told her about such a program in her Georgia community. She spoke with the principal at her child’s school and after learning there was a need, brought the idea to the church, whose members embraced the concept. They started with a pilot at two schools in February, sending easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly meals and snacks home on Friday to last till Monday morning with kids identified as being in need. After the successful pilot, this year they put the program out to all eight elementary schools, then because of “generous” donations, Grant said, were able to add the two middle schools and after winter break will add Jonathan Law and Foran high schools, as well as an alternative high school....

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