Milwaukie man helps save mom, kids stuck in car pileup during snowstorm

December 18, 2016
in Kids

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Even with the photos and damage to his car, Nate Allbritton still has trouble believing it all happened. “The authorities hadn’t actually roped off the top of that hill yet, and so every car that was trying to get down that car was sliding into the rest,” he said. “And it just became a game of when one hits, get them out before the next one hits.” Allbritton and the drivers of 15 other cars were forced to play that dangerous game late Wednesday night, near Southeast Flavel Street and Johnson Creek Boulevard. Cars heading south on Flavel toward Johnson Creek have to go down a steep hill. As the snow and ice rolled in, they started piling up. One woman’s SUV got caught in the middle. “The mom was frantic,” he said. “She just screamed ‘My kids are in the back!’ And somebody behind...

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