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Minnesota man's wife, kids detained at Dulles airport because now we're afraid of families

January 30, 2017
in Kids

Donald Trump's order to immediately halt travel into the United States for residents from certain Muslim countries resulted in one Minnesota man facing what was essentially a hostage situation. Did he want to see his kids? Say yes to that, and he'd be separating the children from their mom. He'd also be saying goodbye to her. Or he he could choose to keep the three of them together -- and send them back to Africa. It's an impossible choice, further evidence the that Trump's thoughtless order did little more than create misery for innocent people. The harrowing story of the man and his wife (neither of whose identity's is public) was told to ABC News by Najib Abi, a family relative, who spoke on the wife's behalf as she and her kids waited to leave Dulles Airport just outside Washington, D.C. The trio had left Kenya on Friday and arrived at Dulles Saturday morning. Before they could board their connecting flight to Minnesota, they were stopped by immigration agents. The kids both...

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