Mom and Her Four Kids Build Dream Home With Help of YouTube Videos

January 17, 2017
in Kids

An Arkansas mother desperate to heal her troubled family decided to task her four children and herself with building a new home. "I started to feel this sense of urgency," Cara Brookins told ABC News. "I thought I'm going to lose them and ... I'm never going to communicate with them because we don't have the right type of relationship." After three failed marriages, including one that ended after what she described as her husband being "physically violent," Brookins said her family was in trouble. "My kids and I were pretty shattered and afraid; we were afraid of everything and didn't know how to talk to each other," the Bryant, Arkansas, mother recalled. "We were all just running in survival mode every single day." Brookins added that she and her children, especially her teenagers, "were interacting with each other less and less." Back when she came up with the house-building idea in 2007, her four kids ranged in age from 2 to 17. After a weekend trip to northern Arkansas, where the family passed a home...

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