Mom Spends $2,000 on Nearly 300 Presents for Her Kids

December 21, 2016
in Kids

Two things Emma Tapping undeniably loves are Christmas and her family (although you might be able to throw holiday shopping into the mix). The 36-year-old British mother of three recently appeared on Inside Edition to defend her decision to spend about $2,000 on more than 300 gifts for her three children. Her husband will get a few surprises under the tree as well. Tapping appeared confident and bubbly during her interview, explaining that she had bought about 85 gifts for each of her two girls and about 30 for her son, and apparently she kept shopping after that, because recent media reports say she has now bought about 96 gifts for each of her kids. “The haters will hate but nothing and no one will change how I do Christmas,” Emma Tapping stated of her Christmas shopping in a Facebook post that showed her Christmas tree from last year....

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