Gaël Monfils

Monfils Minds Manners On Court With Ball Kids

November 17, 2016
in Kids

A point of the finger, a nod of the head, or simply requesting “towel” are the common interactions between elite tennis players and ball kids. Gregarious World No. 6 Gael Monfils is aware that the ball kids are a vital component of the smooth transition between points. The Frenchman has always made a conscious decision throughout his professional career to specifically say “Thank you” (not just a casual 'Thanks') each time he goes to towel. “I think I do it every time, It’s normal to me; I’ve been doing it for years,” states Monfils, who maintains that his family installed manners into his flamboyant match persona. “I’ve been raised like this, they give you the towel or a ball and I just naturally say ‘Thank you’”. The 30-year-old is renowned...

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