Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough

January 2, 2017
in Kids

This post is in honor of International Mud Day… whoever made the last Wednesday of June “mud-day” does not live in Texas. The heat index was 107 yesterday and it’s dry, very dry… while we LOVE mud and LOVE playing outside, this is just not the time of year for outdoor play (well, after 8:30 in the morning. Our neighbors must love us). So we decided to bring our love of mud inside in the form of playdough, yummy smelling coffee playdough. I wake up just sniffing this stuff! Coffee PlayDough Recipe. This recipe was adapted from the basic playdough recipe found on Anna’s site, The Imagination Tree: coffee playdough recipe2 Cups of Flour 1/2 Cup of Coffee Grounds 1 Tablespoon of Instant Coffee (when it wasn’t dark enough) 1 Cup of Salt 2 Teaspoons of Cream of Tartar (she called for more, but this stuff is hard to find, so I cut the amount by a third). 1 Cup of very hot water 2 Tablespoons of oil Anna also called for glycerin drops. We didn’t have any “drops” but I shaved a tiny piece off of a bar of soap. Glycerin Soap bars are the clear or see-through kind. A little bit goes a long way. Mix the dry ingredients. Add the wet, stir bunches. Let it sit for awhile to thicken, then stir some more. Do you want to win some of my playdough or other stuff we make? Occasionally, I do facebook-only giveaways (like yesterday) and one lucky facebook fan won a portion of this batch of coffee playdough! Follow the Quirky Momma facebook page to learn about some of my favorite sites and all the activities that are on my to-do list… I love connecting with you, my readers, on there! … And, if you like mud, come back tomorrow! We will feature a collection of some muddy ideas discovered from some of my favorite sites. . Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough 20 of the Best Gifts for Preschoolers 16 Fall Nature Crafts for Preschoolers Top 20 Super Simple Dress Up Ideas 15 Fantastic Fall Playdough Recipes Mud-Like Coffee PlayDough Fizzing Sidewalk Paint {Handmade Journal} Gratitude Activity for Kids How to Make Foaming Bubbles: Great fun for kids of all ages! Ocean Play Dough Make Your Own Cereal Box Puzzles {Kid Hacks} 2 Easy Ways to Put on a Jacket Without Help How to Make Paper Plate Masks Ping Pong Ball Painting How To Build a (Jumbo) Marshmallow Tower Things that Glow: Balloons with Glow Sticks Making a Mess: Preschoolers Painting...

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