Domestic violence

Mum escapes domestic violence – defies odds to rebuild life with kids in amazing way

January 15, 2017
in Kids

A woman and her kids built a big house from scratch to escape domestic violence by following YouTube tutorials. Single mum Cara Brookins, from Bryant in Arkansas, worked with her kids Roman, Jada, Hope, and Drew to plan and construct the five-bedroom property, which they named Inkwell Manor. Cara, a senior computer analyst and author, told BuzzFeed that it was back in 2007 when she came up with the plan. She was driving home after a weekend away when she spotted a tornado-hit house reduced to rubble. The scene inspired her to pick up some tools and do some family DIY. "It made me think, 'what if we bought some 2x4s and sheet rock and put that together?'" she said....

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