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My Turn: Teach coping skills for well-adjusted kids

January 27, 2017
in Kids

ICAN works every day with nearly 300 youth who come from backgrounds of disadvantage. These kids deal with poverty, crime, family loss and so many situations that most of us will never face. We focus on helping to build their self-confidence, teach them social-emotional skills and give them the tools to build their resiliency so they can break the cycle of poverty. These “prevention” skills, as we call them, are the core program ICAN provides. It helps our youth avoid substance abuse, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency. But these skills are practical for all kids, regardless of their family circumstances or economic means, as all children can fall prey to risky behavior. Raising resilient kids will not only help youth transition through the awkward teenage years, but it will make them more responsible and well-adjusted adults. Did you know that two of the top three reasons teens report turning to drugs and alcohol (according to the 2016 Arizona Youth Survey) is to “deal with stress” and to “not feel sad”? Important coping skills Teens who cannot cope with the ups and downs in their life will often turn to drugs and alcohol. If we equip youth at an early age with resiliency skills, we will help them deal with those hurdles as they grow. Author Lynn Lyons shared her top 10 tips for...

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