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Needy Kids reorganizing

December 17, 2016
in Kids

Greenfield Rotarian Charlie Stevens (left) and WVNU’s Nelson Hunter (right) are shown during a previous radiothon at Merchants bank in Greenfield. A familiar Greenfield fundraiser didn’t happen this year, but that is not because the organizers of the charity that helps children in need are stopping what has been done for about four decades. Instead, the charity is only reorganizing so it can do what it has done all this time better. The Needy Kids Radiothon typically happens right around Thanksgiving, but this year the annual fundraising event sponsored by the Greenfield Rotary Club and FM 97.5 WVNU that supports the Needy Kids charity did not happen. “We just cancelled the Radiothon,” said Greenfield Rotarian and Needy Kids organizer Barb Barton. But she said the charity is still taking donations and still serving area children. She said that she and the other organizers want to move forward with “a different plan, a new strategy for 2017.” Next year will be the charity’s 40th radiothon fundraiser, she said. Barton said previously that...

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