Lemony Snicket

Never Stop Reading To Your Kids, No Matter How Old

January 13, 2017
in Kids

closemore COMMENTARY How apropos. "A Series of Unfortunate Events" is resurgent. We are fresh off a year that may well have been a branding exercise for the title. We are, some might say, one week away from a focal point of dread. And also? Today is Friday the 13th. Netflix, take it away. The streaming media giant is releasing a new adaptation of the kid-lit novels by Lemony Snicket. As it happens, I wouldn't know a Netflix account if it sashayed up to my shinbones and curtsied. So why am I excited? Because I love the mere reminder of this serial fiction masterpiece. The magic of being read to does not disappear just because it’s no longer a practical necessity. My family and I went berserk over these dark and hilarious books. We couldn't get enough of the multi-layered and subversive literary labyrinth. Thus, word of the star-studded production flashed me back to a parenting peak experience: reading aloud. Snuggling up on rocking chairs and couches, lolling together on a bed, huddled around the table for peanut butter sandwiches — there you would find us, day after day, year after year, immersed in imaginary worlds. And, for some reason, we just didn’t stop. Long after the kids could read on their own — and they both read to beat the band — the family reads endured. Inertia, perhaps. But inertia that, it turns out, I highly recommend. For a lot of families, read-alouds end once the kids learn to read. I get that. People are different, my tastes are not yours, and your mileage may vary. I ask only this: consider, at least, that you have options. The magic...

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