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New cubs of the caliphate: ISIS video shows kids killing prisoners in amusement park

January 9, 2017
in Kids

Shocking footage of ISIS’ child recruits beheading and shooting three men has been released by the terror group. The young children, some appearing to be toddlers and some around 10 years old, are filmed wearing camouflage army-style uniforms while brutally killing their victims in Deir ez-Zor, Syria. VIDEO: REP. KING SAYS ISIS APPEALING TO MORE MENTALLY UNSTABLE PEOPLE One extremely young boy is filmed shakily clutching a gun and shooting a man in the head, as another brandishes a large knife before savagely cutting a man’s throat. As part of the video the youngsters are also seen in rifle training and waving the group's distinctive flag. OPINION: OUR CURRENT WAVE OF TERROR ATTACKS WAS PREDICTED BY 9/11 MASTERMIND KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED...

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