Officer Lets Kids Say Goodbye to Navy Dad Over PA System

January 8, 2017
in Kids

Brettany BuetowRileigh Buetow says goodbye to her Navy dad on the USS Vincent over SDPD Officer Weaver's PA system from Shelter Island Thursday while her little brother Austin watches. It was a simple thing SDPD Officer James Weaver did for the Buetow family, but on a day when Brettany Buetow's kids were saying goodbye to their Navy dad leaving on his first deployment, it was a big deal. “I did not expect it at all” Brettany, whose husband has been in the Navy for six years, says. “It really meant a lot to our family and to the kids.” Rileigh,4 and Austin, 2 were shouting goodbye across the water from Shelter Island as the USS Carl Vincent carried their dad, Josh Buetow, away on deployment Thursday. Officer Weaver tells NBC 7 he noticed the children and thought he could help their little voices be heard. “As I was sitting there,” he remembers, “I...

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