Omaha family adopts 2 kids from Haiti after 5 years of trials, tribulations

December 15, 2016
in Kids

OMAHA, Neb. — An Omaha family is reunited for the holidays after two children from Haiti arrive to the metro for a new life. The process took more than six years. It was setback after setback following problems with an adoption agency. There were claims that the agency was fraudulent and the FBI was ordered to investigate. Investigations aside, Minon Frye, her husband, and her daughters and sons are happy to have Kalista, 12, and Jaron, 16, with them at home. Frye calls it a blessing. "It's really just a miracle and we have to give God all the glory because we never thought they would come home," said Frye. Frye started a blog detailing her experience since January 2011, when the adoption process began. It, in part, writes: "You never know when you are beginning a fearsome adventure. If you did, you might not start down the path. That is how God works and quite frankly, that is how Satan works too. We never know what the Lord’s ultimate plan is nor do we know when evil will try to thwart those plans. Our part of the story began 5 years ago, but our children’s story began long before then. We were connected by a friend from church to a woman beginning a ministry and orphanage in Haiti. We received an e-mail asking if we could help and find others to pray for, help fund and sponsor the children in her care. We felt the Lord move our hearts to sponsor one particular sibling group. A brother and sister aged 10 and 7. We promoted this organization and met with the Director in person. Nothing seemed array. We then begin visiting with the agency out of Indiana about possibly adopting these 2 children. My husband first traveled to Haiti in July of 2011 and I first traveled and met the children in December of 2011. We paid what we understood to be the full amount in fees for the adoption. We helped start a non-profit with other parents to help fund the orphanage. Things initially were great. In late 2012 several things begin to not add up and several families began question the orphanage and the adoption agency. It all was a big cluster bomb from there. We added our 3rd child in November of 2012 which kept us from traveling to Haiti faster. More and more things did not match up and by August of 2013 we became more intense in...

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