Organization Hacks for Purses and Diaper Bags

January 31, 2017
in Kids

As a mom on the go, who has time to tidy up a purse or diaper bag? Sure, you have to dig for five minutes to find your keys, but who doesn’t, right? As it turns out, taking just a few minutes to purge and organization your bag can save you a lot of time and headache, especially when you’re in a hurry. Ready to get started? Here are 25 organization hacks that’ll have your purse or diaper bag in tip-top shape in no time. Purse Organization Hacks Keep like items in color-coded zipper pouches. You’ll always know where everything is, and you can grab what you need in seconds rather than digging through your purse. Make a summer go bag that has all your hot weather essentials you can grab as you are on your way out to a picnic or play time at the pool! Put together an “emergency kit” for items that are a must but you can never seem to find: breath strips, an emery board, hand sanitizer, etc. Punch a hole in all your store cards, and keep them together on a key ring. Genius! Or, you can convert a small photo book into a store card and coupon organizer. Do you carry lots of business...

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