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Over winter break, kids learn at Tenafly Nature Center

December 26, 2016
in Kids

(Photo: Kevin R. Wexler/NorthJersey.com) School was out but camp was in session Monday at the Tenafly Nature Center. To help keep kids in a learning mindset over the winter break, the Hudson Avenue center runs a camp through Friday, surrounding kids in nature. Deborah Davidson, director of education for the center, said the goal was to get the children outside as much as possible during the camp. “We want them to be engaged, getting outdoors and learning about the natural world and all it has to offer,” Davidson said, “to gain respect and hopefully become responsible citizens in the future.” The camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with full or half-day sessions available. Once there, youngsters from throughout the area experience nature through various games and activities. After being introduced to their fellow campers Monday morning, the 17 children took turns simulating the experience of a hibernating bear. One camper put on a blindfold with a stuffed animal close by, mimicking a hibernating bear. The other campers then attempted to sneak up quietly to steal the bear’s food, or even its cub, but the blindfolded student could point at any intruders heard sneaking up and stop them in their tracks. “It’s all in an effort to have the kids gain an appreciation for the natural world,” Davidson said. “The...

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