‘PBS Kids 24/7’ on WKAR offers around-the-clock viewing

January 26, 2017
in Kids

PASADENA -- We all know the feeling: It's 11 p.m., time to unwind; you pour some wine and catch the “BooBoo Busters” episode of “Sesame Street.” Or it's pre-dawn and you’re a tad hung over. It's time for “Odd Squad” or “Splash and Bubble” or ... Well, maybe not, but at least it's possible. The new “PBS Kids 24/7” channel has just debuted on 108 stations, including WKAR. “We reach 74 percent of the country,” said Lesli Rotenberg, PBS' general manager of children's media. “By the end of the year, it will be 90 percent.” Or it's already 100 percent, if you count the other choice: Anyone can get the channel now, via computer (www.pbskids.org) or app. But is it a good thing for kids be able to watch constantly? “We don't want children watching TV all day,” Rosenberg said. “We want them playing; we want them outside.” Lives vary, though. “Believe it or not, there are many children up at night,” said Paula Kerger, PBS' president. Some have adjusted to their parents' work shifts; others, Kerger said, face unusual situations,. “Many are in hospitals .... We actually heard from caregivers who said, “We are at a loss sometime, to figure out how we can...

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