Pennsylvania couple starved children because 'they did not want them anymore'

December 30, 2016
in Kids

An investigation into a Halifax, Pa., couple charged with child abuse has unearthed startling details about the living conditions in which the kids who were placed in their care faced. Their house reportedly rampant with bed bugs, mold and lice according to CBS 21, Joshua and Brandi Weyant allegedly starved three children placed under their supervision, ages 6, 5 and 4, for months. Investigators believe the juveniles’ last meal was in September, and the children would not be rescued until Dec. 16. Their frail frames prominently showing their ribs and spine, they initially vomited back up liquid and solid food because of their poor health. Police would tell CBS 21 that they believe the Weyants intentionally starved their children because "they did not want them anymore." Joshua and Brandi Weyant were arrested...

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