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Pet medicines pose poison risk for kids

February 8, 2017
in Kids

Parents who store medicines and household cleaners out of reach to protect their kids from accidental poisoning shouldn't forget to consider any drugs they have for the family pet, a new study suggests. Children five and under account for 88 percent of calls to poison control centers for exposure to veterinary medicines, researchers report in Pediatrics. In almost all of these cases, kids consumed drugs intended for the family pet. About one in four of these poisonings happened while someone was trying to give medicine to a pet, the study also found. "This could have happened if the pet spit the medicine out onto the floor then the child ate it or if the medicine was mixed in with food such as a hot dog or piece of cheese and the child ate the food containing the medicine," said study co-author Kristin Roberts of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. "The good news is that you can help keep everyone in the family a little safer by storing medicine for pets up and away and out of sight, only giving medicine to pets when the children aren't in the room and by making sure the pet has taken the...

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