Pet meds can poison kids, researchers warn

February 8, 2017
in Kids

It’s not uncommon for kids and pets to share a household, but the family pet may pose a health risk to kids. While Fido’s presence may be innocuous enough, researchers say his medications could send kids to the ER. Poisoning from pet medication happens more often than you might think. In fact, researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy found that one poison center in Ohio received more than 1,400 calls for poisoning from pet medications over the past 15 years. Each year, the Central Ohio Poison Center (COPC) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital receives an average of 95 calls about children and teens having been exposed to pet meds. Children are often exposed to veterinary products such as flea medication and heartworm pills. Drugs associated with poisoning included medications with no human equivalent (17%), antimicrobials to kill germs (15%), antiparasitics to kill parasites (15%), and analgesics to relieve pain (11%), according...

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