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Philanthropy Turns Out To Be A Good Way To Get Sedentary Kids To Exercise

February 7, 2017
in Kids

When sedentary kids strap on this Fitbit-like wearable, they might start exercising, at least temporarily. But they'll work out harder and longer if they know that their activity is also helping someone else. The Kid Power band, developed by UNICEF, lets kids use exercise to "unlock" a donation of a food packet to a child in need somewhere else in the world. Over the past two years, independent research has found that the program's combination of philanthropy and activity works: Children in the program—most of whom come from low-income backgrounds—are 55% more active in a day than kids who only have a fitness tracker. A second study found that children using the program met their daily activity goals 30% more often. For low-income children, where activity gaps are most prevalent, these jumps are especially significant. "The simple idea of helping is something that's incredibly empowering to children," says Rajesh Anandan, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at UNICEF and co-creator of Kid Power. "The basic need that all children have—and frankly grownups as well—is to feel like what we do matters, and that we are significant. Helping save another child's life nurtures and addresses...

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