PHOTOS: 11 Outrageously Adorable Little Kid and Huge Dog Duos

January 19, 2017
in Kids

Pinterest There are few things that people can agree on in life, but the cuteness of little kids and big dogs is a near certainty. For decades, the world has gravitated towards the sweetness of these two subjects. Seeing an opening for optimal adorableness, photographer Andy Seliverstoff decided to bring them together in his outrageously precious photo book Little Kids and Their Big Dogs. The St. Petersburg, Russia-based photographer put the book together after some of his photos elicited extremely enthusiastic reactions on Instagram. Now, those who are social media-savvy and the less computer literate alike can enjoy the infectious joy of these photos. “The main goal of my photo shoots wasn’t just to create beautiful pictures, but to capture the interaction between the kids and dogs,” says Seliverstoff, 58. “This state of endless joy and mutual confidence has become the central idea of the Little Kids and Their Big Dogs book.” The first snap of this photo series happened by chance. “When good...

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