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Report: Trump wants top-secret security clearance for his kids

November 15, 2016
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Part of the reason he won the presidency is because the other party’s candidate didn’t take seriously her duty to keep a tight lid on state secrets. So … now we’re going to go ahead and loop the Trump kids in on what Special Ops is doing in Syria? I don’t begrudge him the counsel of his children. But how much say is Donald Trump Jr going to have over American national security policy that he needs cabinet-level clearance to be able to participate appropriately? Or is this something Trump’s staff is worried about because they fear the big guy won’t be able to resist spilling secrets, intentionally or not, when he’s chatting with family and they want to avert an inevitable scandal — like this — about him sharing info with people who haven’t been cleared? The Trump team has asked the White House to explore the possibility of getting his children the top secret security clearances. Logistically, the children would need to be designated by the current White House as national security advisers to their father to receive top secret clearances. However, once Mr. Trump becomes president, he would be able to put in the request himself. His children would need to fill out the security questionnaire (SF-86) and go through the requisite background checks. While nepotism rules prevent the president-elect from hiring his kids to work in the White House, they do not need to be government officials to receive top secret security clearances. What makes this doubly weird is that, at last check, Team Trump is still insisting that his children will manage his business interests rather than transfer them to a blind trust to avert conflicts of interest. As dubious as it would be for Trump to be setting policy while in daily contact with the people in charge of his extensive international holdings, it’s much worse if Ivanka et al. have security clearances that would give them nonpublic knowledge that might benefit the businesses. For instance, if Trump has real estate in the UAE and the Trump kids discover that there’s a developing terrorist threat there, and they decide to sell that property because of it, they’ve used secret national intelligence made available to...

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