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Researchers have found that using social media makes kids less happy in almost every way

December 20, 2016
in Kids

Parents are well aware that the internet has opened up new realms both of discovery and danger. Now, new research from the UK has found that use of social media like Facebook reduces children’s satisfaction about every aspect of their lives except friendship. Economists at the University of Sheffield used data (pdf) from household surveys conducted in the UK between 2010 and 2014, which included responses from almost 4,000 children aged 10-15. The survey asked kids whether they were members of social networks and, if so, how many hours they spent “chatting or interacting with friends” on those sites on a normal school day. The researchers controlled for a wide range of variables. 1 The children and teens were also asked to rate how happy they felt in a number of areas: school work; appearance; family; friends; school attended; and life as a whole. The study found that the more time kids spent...

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