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Rudy Giuliani worries Trump kids will be ‘out of work’ if his company is run by a blind trust

November 13, 2016
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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani -- (CNN screencapture) Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani defended President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to allow his children to continue to run his companies even if they are placed in a blind trust. Appearing on CNN, Giuliani was pressed by host Jake Tapper, who pointed out, “If your kids run your businesses, it’s not a blind trust.” “A blind trust is an independent trustee who takes over your portfolio and directs it without your input or any input from anyone around you,” Tapper explained, before asking Giuliani if Trump should set up a “true blind trust with no involvement from him or his kids?” “Well, first of all, you realize those laws don’t apply to the president,” Giuliani countered. “The president doesn’t have to have a blind trust. For some reason when the law was written the president was exempt.” Giuliani then...

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