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Save kids' lives by cleaning toxic air

November 5, 2016
in Kids

About 2 billion children worldwide breathe air that exceeds maximum World Health Organization (WHO) pollution guidelines, according to a recently released UNICEF report. And about 300 million kids — almost 1 in 7 worldwide — live in areas with outdoor air pollution readings at least six times higher than international standards. While the highest concentration of affected kids is in South Asian nations like India, the problem is global. So UNICEF is right to call on world leaders meeting next week in Morocco for a climate-change conference to take urgent action. “It’s an enormous crisis and it should be a call to arms for the international community,” Ellen Anderson, executive director of the University of Minnesota’s Energy Transition Lab, told an editorial writer. “Because this is not just about the health impact today, but the future potential of hundreds of millions of children,” she...

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