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Save Our Children gives gifts, hope to deserving kids

December 17, 2016
in Kids

ELYRIA — Kimberley “Grayce” Roach would have been serving food alongside her parents Friday night at an annual First Congregational United Church of Christ event. Her mother is sure of it. “She always rooted for the underdogs, and that’s what an event like this is all about,” Mary Roach said. “She would be here with us, making sure that these kids have a good Christmas.” Mary and her husband, Mark, donated and served food at the Save Our Children Christmas event in honor of their daughter, an 11-year-old Lake Ridge Academy student who died in March while on spring break in Aiken, S.C. At the time, Aiken officials told Amherst police a horse had likely kicked Grayce in the head while she was walking in a pasture. “Creating these smiles is a perfection distraction,” Mary Roach said. “It’s hard this time of year.” Mark Roach said coping with Grayce’s death hasn’t gotten easier over the last seven months, but doing something like the Save Our Children event in her memory is something she would have loved. “Giving back helps,” he said. “Seeing these kids’ smiles helps.” Mark Roach said he loves to cook, especially barbecue, which...

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