Seen: Reading Partners Colorado fundraiser helping kids to excel

November 6, 2016
in Kids

By Joanne Davidson, Special to The Denver Post You can’t blame organizers of a first-time event for agonizing over every last detail, especially in a city like Denver where the competition is stiff: Will supporters like the venue, the entertainment and the food? Is the ticket price too high or too low? How many other events are being held the same night? The folks at Reading Partners Colorado obviously put considerable thought into their first fundraiser, because after all was said and done, the Road to Reading dinner and auction wound up with a capacity crowd income that surpassed expectations. Road to Reading, at Denver Botanic Gardens, began with a Catering by Design buffet that featured such treats as short rib waffles, Mediterranean chicken salad, spicy vegetable pot stickers and meatballs in a chipotle cream sauce. Afterward, auctioneer Jim Berz got the program off to a lively start with a spirited game of Heads or...

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