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Smart snacking for our kids

November 27, 2016
in Kids

Please install the latest Adobe Flash Player Plugin to watch this content. NEW HAVEN Conn. (WTNH) — Cooking during the holidays can be hard enough especially when it comes to getting our kids to eat health snacks. Registered dietitian nutritionist Susie Zachman stopped by our station to show us three simple tips we can get our kids to eat healthy. Zachman said a typical child gets between 25 – 40% of their daily calories from snacks. Unfortunately, the most popular snacks – goldfish, cheerios, Cheez-its, chips & cookies – are some combination of refined flour, added sugar and salt, all things with little to no nutritional value. So that is a lot of your child’s daily calories that aren’t really benefiting their health. And these refined carbohydrate snacks have no staying power, so your child will be hungry again very soon. Three ways we can get our kids to eat healthy: Change your mindset. Stop thinking of snacks as a stop-gap tool to help your child “survive until a real meal” &...

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