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Sports-related eye injuries are most common among kids

November 10, 2016
in Kids

Mark Boucher on eye injury 02:39 (CNN)Every basketball or softball player expects some scrapes and sprains, but those sports are also among the leading causes of sport-related eye injuries, according to a new study. Ocular trauma is any type of injury that occurs to the eye or the tissues around it. It can be as simple as a black eye or as serious a fracture of bones surrounding the eye, said Dr. R. Sterling Haring, lead author of the study, published in JAMA Ophthalmology. Eye injuries can lead to long-term vision impairment and can affect learning, work, relationships and a person's ability to drive. The study examined visits to emergency departments in 900 hospitals nationwide. From 2010 to 2013, about 30,000 patients visited emergency rooms every year with sports-related eye injuries. The numbers would be higher if visits for urgent care facilities, ophthalmologists or other physicians were taken into account, said Haring. The sports most linked to eye injuries among males were basketball (26%), baseball...

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