Terrifying moment a man tried to ABDUCT an 8-year-old at a children's wrestling competition before the boy managed to fight himself free

January 10, 2017
in Kids

A man was caught on camera attempting to kidnap an eight-year-old boy at a youth wrestling competition in Oklahoma City on Friday. The boy was at the United States Junior Open Wrestling Championship at the State Fair Park when the man - dressed in a baseball cap and padded jacket lifted the boy up and tried to carry him off, Oklahoma City PD said. However, the youth thwarted his abductor when he wriggled and screamed loudly, causing the man to drop him before fleeing. Scroll down for video Snatched: A boy was grabbed at a kids' wrestling competition in OK City Friday, reportedly at the entrance to a kids-only arena. The boy wriggled and shouted until he was dropped The boy was outside the Jim Norick Arena's main entrance when he was...

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