The Beauty of Sticking with It

December 20, 2016
in Kids

The beauty of sticking with it is starting to reveal itself as I journey with my child. There was no immediate gratification on this road. It has been a long and arduous process. However, as I’m seeing the fruits there is joy and beauty and relief. There are so many ah-ha moments of parenting, and I’m discovering one more as I have been determined to help my child thrive amidst her struggles within. My child struggles with sensory processing. It looks different in each child, as you can discover here. She also responds to frustrations in life with explosive anger. Those are the hard things. There are amazing things as well. She is bright, creative, a leader, enthusiastic and has a smile that will light up the room. Her memory is way better than mine (that’s not saying much at this stage of life), but she really is as sharp as a whip. She performs well in school and makes friends easily. We call her the “cruise director” because she always has a plan and wants to get everyone involved. This is great…except for when it is not. Because of her highly functioning visual cortex she sets the scene in her mind. When things deviate from the movie she has playing inside her brain, the frustration sets in. Anger pours out. There is a spiral into the abyss in both her contentment and in the atmosphere of our home. The years of...

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