Kristin dos Santos

The Hope-Filled Messages Parents Are Sharing With Their Kids Post-Election

November 10, 2016
in Kids

Since the results of the presidential election, countless parents have expressed their reactions on social media. And many are posing the same question: “What do I tell my children?” My kids will be up any minute and I’m struggling to put on a brave face. How do I tell them a man they know to be hateful is now president? — Kristin Dos Santos (@KristinDSantos) November 9, 2016 What do I tell my son who only remembers a Black male president and is learning how to walk while Black and live? — I Will Block Ya Mama (@FeministaJones) November 9, 2016 While many are grappling with this question, parents have also tried to answer it ― tweeting what they told their children this morning and the kinds of people they hope their sons and daughters will grow up to be. While many expressed a sense of fear for the present, they also hold onto hope for the future and the way their parenting will shape the citizens of this country. Here is what parents are telling their kids about this election. My wife’s guidance to our despondent kids this morning: “Be informed. Speak up for what is right. Be good to people.” — Ed Zimmerman (@EdGrapeNutZimm) November 9, 2016 Just told my daughter, we are going to tell our friends with brown skin, with black skin, our...

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