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The Parents Who Name Their Kids After Final Fantasy Characters

December 29, 2016
in Kids

The people who fell for Final Fantasy in its glory years when it was huge on the NES, Super NES and then the PlayStation are now adults. They’re having kids, and they’re the kinds of people who just might name their daughter Aeris or their son Kain. Giving your kid the name of a Final Fantasy character is a way to establish tradition, and legitimize a video game as a very real, crucial thing in a personal history. With everyone going Final Fantasy-crazy again thanks to the release of FFXV, the chances of some new mom or dad naming their kid Prompto are now pretty high. Well, not that high. But I did find a few people who’ve started Final Fantasy families and talked about what the series means to them, and how they intend to share their passion with their kids. Nick, Father Of Kain Nick was one of the few kids on Earth who played MMOs with his parents. At 15 he was running raids with his mom and dad. Their game of choice was Final Fantasy XI, the first entry into the series that was a purely multiplayer experience. One fateful night, a girl named Nora, who was about Nick’s age, joined their group. “We messaged a lot and spent plenty of time on voice chat for the events, but we also became part of each other’s social groups within the game as well,” he said. “Two years later, after many hours and tens of thousands of texts, we met for the first time for a Valentine’s Day weekend vacation from school.” Nora had spent two years of her life becoming intimately familiar with a family from across the void. She wanted to see Nick, but also his parents who’d been helping her take down internet monsters throughout high school. They met. They had a great time. And Nora planned to move near them permanently for college. Three years later, Nick and Nora got married. Their Final Fantasy XI character names are inscribed on their rings. They still make time to play MMOs together daily, even while holding down jobs and taking care of a four-month old baby. Nora had a family name she was set on if it was a girl. But the potential boy’s name was all up to Nick. He started with Cid and was denied. That opened the discussion to other names related to video games close to their hearts. There was John from Halo, and Kain from Final Fantasy IV. “When we found out our child was male, he was moving around on the ultrasound,” says Nick. “I said he was jumping around like a Dragoon, and from then on the name was Kain.” Right now, Nick, Nora and Kain are all playing through Final Fantasy XV together. Sometimes Nick sings Kain lullabies from Final Fantasy XIII as he drifts off to sleep. One day, Kain will sit by himself in front of a keyboard and mouse to kill monsters and claim victory with his parents and his grandparents. Three generations of Final Fantasy. “Square Enix and Final Fantasy will continue to be part of my family life for the foreseeable future,” he says. “I’m very excited to share it with him.” Bryan, Father Of Vivi Two decades ago, Bryan was standing in a Toys “R” Us, mouth agape, letting a demo version of Final Fantasy VII light up every synapse...

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