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The problem with Donald Trump's kids

November 16, 2016
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(Photo: Tasos Katopodis, AFP/Getty Images) Trump the brand vs. Trump the president Donald Trump may have an ethics problem. That's the thing about being one of the richest people to serve in the White House. The New York billionaire has business interests all around the globe, and as president, he'll be in charge of shaping policy on a host of issues that are bound to affect those interests. Trump has said NBD because his children will take over the family business. Ethics watchdogs say that's not good enough. The president-elect needs to act quickly to shift his assets into a strict blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest. Trump’s three oldest children — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump — are set to run the Trump Organization, but they're also serving on the executive committee of the Trump presidential team, helping make decisions about who will hold top posts in their father’s administration. See the possible conflict? Technically, nothing in federal law says Trump as president can't run the Trump Organization himself, but Trump's business conflicts could open up accusations of corruption that he campaigned against. And yes, we're still waiting on those tax returns. Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest aren’t actually illegal, but that doesn’t mean they'll be accepted. Time If you've decided not to leave the country, you're totally entitled to a post-election vacation Good news: JetBlue is offering extremely cheap airfares because filling seats is good for business. Bad news: Don't think you...

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