There’s A Simple Way To Help Kids Learn More: Start School Later

December 20, 2016
in Kids

Creatas Images via Getty Images In recent years, American teens have earned less than stellar scores on a national exam administered by the U.S. Department of Education. On the National Assessment of Educational Progress ― also called the Nation’s Report Card ― only about 34 percent of eighth-grade students scored high enough to be deemed proficient in reading in 2015. Only about 33 percent scored proficient or above in math. A new analysis from the Center for American Progress argues for one simple step to help raise these scores: Start school later in the day. Delaying start times by an hour across the country could boost students’ math scores up to eight points on the Nation’s Report Card, the analysis says. That’s almost one grade level of learning. The idea is that giving sleep-deprived teens more time to snooze before they hit the books will help them learn better. The Center for American Progress researchers drew on a previous study out of Wake County, North Carolina. In that study, released in 2012, middle school students who switched schedules to start school an hour later saw their test scores increase. Low-performing students saw the biggest boost. The...

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