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This Simple Poster Can Help Protect Kids From Sexual Abuse

January 15, 2017
in Kids

These tips are crucial in educating our kids and keeping them safe No parent wants to think of their child as the victim of sexual abuse, and it’s for that very reason that it needs to be discussed. Educating our kids about their bodies and who’s allowed to touch them is a must if we want to keep them safe. And this poster about body safety is the perfect tool to accompany these conversations. Educate 2 Empower provides this poster and many others for free in order to help parents and educators keep kids safe from abuse. The poster uses simple language and guidelines to assist kids in identifying potentially abusive behavior. The first rule listed is, “My body is my body and it belongs to me,” which reminds a child that they can always say no to physical affection from anyone, instead, offering a high five, a handshake or to blow the person a kiss. Teaching a child they’re the boss of their body is the...

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