Air pollution

Three Ways to Show Your Kids UCAIR About Utah’s Air

January 25, 2017
in Kids

The following is sponsored by UCAIR. Utah’s air quality affects more people than you might think. Studies have shown that poor air quality can have serious side effects on the elderly, those with asthma and even children. Dr. Robert Paine, air quality specialist at the University of Utah, went so far as to say that children exposed to consistent, unhealthy air develop smaller lungs than those who live with cleaner air, leading to shorter life spans. “They end up having more heart attacks [and] more strokes” he said, and they may “have some decay in intellectual function as they get older.” Even in the short term, the Utah Department of Health has said that exposure to ozone can damage a child’s lung development. “Once the child reaches adulthood, [they] will experience decreasing lung function. Ozone can continue to damage the lungs even when there are no more noticeable symptoms present.” The point is, as bad as the air quality can be for us,...

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