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Tom Brady's kids have a diet that is almost as strict as his

January 22, 2017
in Kids

Tom Brady is a professional football player who is still in peak shape at an age (39) when most players have already retired. Gisele Bündchen is a supermodel and actress who is still in great shape at an age (36) when most models have already retired. So it should be no surprise that they both are obsessed with staying in peak condition and part of that is controlling what goes into their bodies. Naturally, that obsession is also practiced by their children. Hilary Sargent of the Boston Globe sat down with Brady and Bündchen's personal chef, Allen Campbell, and discussed what the Super Family eats. While the diet of Brady and Bündchen is a bit jaw-dropping, it is not a complete shock considering what each does for a living and how important their bodies are to their work. But what is a bit jarring is what the children eat because, if anything, it sounds nothing like what most of us experienced growing up. When asked if the kids eat...

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