'Trolls' Is a Joyful Movie Worth Seeing With Your Kids

November 4, 2016
in Kids

Rated - PG Four out of five stars Aggressive marketing campaigns for movies can be more annoying than clickbait headlines, promising what they often don’t deliver. For example, Dreamworks releasing Justin Timberlake’s single “Can’t Stop the Feeling” six months before the release of "Trolls," the movie in which the song’s featured, seemed a bit overzealous. Some might take it as a sign the studio had confidence in the movie. I saw it as a sign the studio wasn’t confident enough to sell the film any other way than to rely on the infectious tune, and the video of the film’s A-list voiceover talent dancing in the recording studio, to drum up enthusiasm. It may have charmed the general public but I remained skeptical. So, here we are, six months later. And as it turns out, "Trolls" is a somewhat magical experience. The trolls are a happy species, always singing and dancing and never sad. They are so happy, the Bergens, a human-sized and slovenly-looking lot, use...

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