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Trump Kids To Run Business While On Transition Team

November 12, 2016
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The Trump Organization said on Friday it was vetting new business structures aimed at transferring management control to three of President-elect Donald Trump’s children and a team of executives. The Trump Organization said in a statement it was planning to transfer control of the portfolio of businesses to Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and other executives. Earlier on Friday, the three Trump children - the oldest of Trump’s five children - were also named as members of Trump’s Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee. “This is a top priority at the organization and the structure that is ultimately selected will comply with all applicable rules and regulations,” a spokesperson for the Trump Organization said in a statement. What Trump’s spokesperson sent when I asked how Ivanka, Don Jr. & Eric could run the business in a blind trust while on the transition team: — Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi) November 11, 2016 Federal conflict-of-interest law does not apply to the president, but most White House occupants in the last few decades have voluntarily placed their assets in a blind trust...

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