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Venezuela: Amid Recession, Parents Tell Kids 'Santa Isn't Coming'

December 21, 2016
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Venezuela's economic crisis is disrupting Christmas traditions like hosting family dinners, decorating homes and giving presents. Three years of economic recession and exploding inflation has impacted industries throughout the oil-rich country. With a recent currency depreciation pumping up prices even higher, some parents are simply cancelling Christmas. "Last year I bought everything for my daughter," said Dileida Palacios, a 40-year-old hairdresser dressed in black to mourn her son, who was killed in crime-rife Venezuela a few weeks ago. A man is seen inside a store in Caracas, Venezuela, December 1, 2016. Picture taken December 1, 2016. UESLEI MARCELINO / Reuters "This year I had to tell her everything is tough and Santa Claus isn't coming." Like Palacios, about 38.5 percent of Venezuelans think this Christmas will be worse than last year's, and 35 percent think it will be the worst ever, according to a poll by consultancy Ecoanalitica and Catholic University's Andres Bello. RELATED: Venezuela: Health Crisis Means Kid's Scraped Knee Can Be Life or Death Several days of unrest over...

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