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Video: Why more kids are becoming 'white hat' hackers

November 4, 2016
in Kids

. One striking theme: The kids all had a strong sense of ethics – and a desire to create a safer digital future for their peers – rather than create chaos online for pranks. Check out the full list of "15 under 15" rising stars in cybersecurity: passcode.csmonitor.com/hackerkids CyFi, who declined to give her first name for privacy reasons, is one of the most prominent young hackers in the country – and the 15-year-old from Silicon Valley is imbued with a strong honor code. She cofounded r00tz Asylum, a hub for ethical hacking workshops for kids on the sidelines of the vaunted DEF CON hacking conference, and teaches the mantra: Only hack for good. “Only hack things you own. Do not hack anything you rely on. Respect the rights of others. Know the law, the possible risk, and the consequences for breaking it,” the r00tz honor code reads. “R00tz is about creating a better world. You have the power and responsibility to do so. Now go do it!” Watch CyFi explain why she thinks...

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