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Want to Bring Your Kid to the Women's March? Cool. Just Be Prepared.

January 20, 2017
in Kids

More It’s understandable that, as a parent of a certain political persuasion, you’d want to grab your kid and head to the Women’s March on Washington. What better way to take advantage of this historic opportunity to teach your child about civic engagement and the beauty of the American way? And while that response is certainly an admirable one, experts urge making many age-based considerations before hopping the next bus with your possibly miserable little one in tow. “I brought my daughter to Obama’s first inauguration when there was a record crowd. She was 3,” Frank Smyth, founder and executive director of Global Journalist Security, a hostile-environment training and consulting firm, tells Yahoo Beauty. He recalls the at-times frightening crush of people around himself and his tiny daughter, who got separated from the rest of their group in the crowd. “My wife thinks she’ll look at the pictures and be glad she was there,” he notes. “I think it was not wise.” Smyth will attend the Women’s March with his now-11-year-old this weekend, but not before hosting a sign-making party and safety-in-a-crowd presentation at his home, aiming to help other activist families prep for the big day. He believes his daughter is way more equipped to handle the situation than she was a toddler, suggesting, “If your child is not a tween and up I wouldn’t encourage bringing them.” Still, he understands that plenty of younger kids will be taken along, and is not judging — just offering some possibly helpful advice. “Stay near the exits and use situational...

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