Thank God for Kids,Goat

Watch Dale Hansen's 35th 'Thank God for Kids'

December 26, 2016
in Kids

I’ve always known that Christmas means different things to different people, and to some people it means nothing at all. But I’ve always thought Christmas is for kids, and the younger the kid the better the Christmas. Ford Hamilton will be 14 months old in 11 days. He was born in Florida last year on November 5th to a mother who couldn't keep him and a father who knew he couldn't either. It was a hard choice to give him up but a hard choice they made. But he has parents now who realize how lucky they are to have him.% Sean, Stacey and little Ford Hamilton. % I told Sean Hamilton, and he told his wife Stacey, that little boy won the lottery when you decided to adopt him. Sean looks at...

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