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'We were bored so we burned a G Wagen': London rich kids boast about setting fire to an £87,000 luxury Mercedes vehicle and flushing an £8,000 Rolex watch down the toilet

December 14, 2016
in Kids

The Rich Kids of Instagram are known for going to outrageous lengths to flaunt their wealth, from sporting gold plated weapons to keeping exotic animals such as cheetahs as pets. But now wealthy youngsters are making the most outrageous gesture yet by destroying expensive belongings, including setting fire to a Mercedes G Wagon, which costs from £87,000 and flushing a Rolex watch down the toilet. The video of the shocking burning incident was posted to the Rich Kids London Instagram account, with the explanation: 'We were bored so we burned G-Wagon for a laugh.' The Mercedes G Wagen is the vehicle of choice for moneyed celebs and with prices starting at £88,800 it costs more than an average sports car from Porsche or Jaguar. Prices go up to almost £150,000 and famous owners include the Kardashian sisters, Myleene Klass and Queen Rania of Jordan. Another discontented youngster found amusement in flushing their £8,000 Rolex watch down the toilet as if it was worthless. The clip proved so controversial it was removed from Instagram, following a backlash, but it has now been shared exclusively with MailOnline. Instagram followers were especially shocked by the...

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